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About us

Our Mission

The mission of Behavioral Imprints is to impart behavioral strategies, from the science of Applied Behavior Analysis, and special education knowledge, into the community, to enact meaningful social change.

Our Offerings

Applied Behavioral Analysis Offerings

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ABA Assessment and Treatment Plan Development

Interview Preparedness and Coaching

Professional Development Training and Coaching

Caregiver Training and Coaching

ABA Therapy Executive Functioning and Social Skills

IEP & 504 Meeting Consultation & Attendance

Professional Development Training and Coaching

Caregiver Training and Coaching

Special Education Tutoring and Coaching

Special Education Offerings

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Coaching Offerings

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Behavior Interventionist

Program Manager

Clinical Supervisor


Our Process

Our process is designed to provide impactful social change for each person whose life we have the pleasure of touching.

Behavioral Imprints helps people of all ages and abilities reach their personal/professional goals, using the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), and special education. We offer services like assessments, training, consultation, staff, and caregiver coaching, to meet the unique needs of individuals, schools, companies, and caregivers. Our purpose is to empower you to overcome challenges, develop new skills, and achieve your goals. Everyone has unique abilities and talents that should be expressed, and fulfilled.

Seeking Help: from Diagnosis to Treatment



A comprehensive ABA assessment to determine socially significant goals across areas of a client’s life, to include, but not limited to: communication, socialization, daily living skills, academic skills, community integration and challenging behavior.


Individualized Treatment Plan

A detailed and individualized therapeutic plan, which outlines the identified goals from the assessment, that best support an individual’s values and progress.


Monitoring & Evaluation

The ongoing monitoring and evaluation of a client’s progress.

Why It Works?

At Behavioral Imprints, we provide help to individuals, families, and professionals seeking support and guidance. We use a method called Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to understand why people behave the way they do and help them learn new behaviors. Our approach involves using proven techniques, such as rewards and breaking tasks into smaller steps, to teach and shape behavior. We collect data to track progress and make adjustments as needed. By working closely with clients and their families, we create a supportive environment where positive changes can thrive. Whether you’re looking for personal assistance or professional training, Behavioral Imprints is here to help you achieve positive behavioral changes and long-term success.