About Behavioral Imprints

At Behavioral Imprints, we are more than a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. We are a provider of transformative change, who uses ABA and Special education knowledge and tools, to empower individuals to enact impactful change in their lives, and the world around them. Behavioral Imprints was created in the Spring of 2023, with a mission to impart the science of ABA and special education knowledge, into the community, while always incorporating the complex realities of our client’s and their families’ lives. Through this unique and holistic approach, sometimes ignored by other providers, the team at Behavioral Imprints uses personalized coaching, mentoring, and care, to help each person identify their strengths, overcome obstacles, and enhance their skills and coping strategies. Our ultimate ambition is to help every individual reach independence, and their full potential, to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Meet Alex: The Founder

Alex McCallen (Chehab), is a multilingual and multicultural Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with over 20 years of experience, who has a wealth of experience in providing guidance and support to students of different abilities, their families, and their support teams. Alex McCallen holds a Master’s in Special Education K-12 across all different abilities, from George Mason University, as well as a Bachelor’s in Psychology, from Mary Washington College. She is a Licensed Behavior Analyst in the states of Oregon and Washington, and is also an International Behavior Analyst. She has worked diligently in various roles, across different states and countries, from behavior interventionist to clinical director, and positions in between, with clients ages 15 months to 28 years of age.

She founded Behavioral Imprints to further impact social change, in her field, community, and beyond. Alex McCallen’s ABA and special education knowledge, combined with her  experience, international background, and focus on Organizational Behavior Management (OBM), quality care, and development, have enabled her to reach individuals, and organizations across a broad spectrum. 

Impactful Change

Largely inspired by her Maternal Grandmother’s ethos for understanding and helping others, Alex has always been driven by an innate desire to help those around her. In her teenage years, she developed and narrowed this calling through babysitting at the age of 10, coaching her local swim team, helping build orphanages and schools in Tanzania, as a student counselor, as well as helping support and care for those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Progressing through her 20-year career, she has combined this passion with focus and technical ability, to create a unique approach to quality care, leading to truly Impactful Change, as helping others, and giving, are guiding forces in her life’s work.

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